I received this book in exchange for an honest review

The Immortal Game - Joannah Miley

I loved this book for numerous reasons and as it was almost flawless in its delivery i am giving it 5 stars.


This book taught me a lot about the Greek Gods. Don't get me wrong i knew a bit about a few of them, but not as much as was in this book, and i really enjoyed finding out more.


Ruby is a strong character, who is quite happy to pull up her big girl panties and travel into the depths of the underworld for love, and righteousness.


Ash is a strong character, but not in that possessive over bearing way some characters tend to go.


There is no real bad guy in this book, other than Zeus being a d*ck and Hades being Hades.


I am looking forward to book 2 and hopefully finding out what happened with Mark as he seemed to just get lost in the story.


Would totally recommend.